For over 30 years, Heritage Paint and Wallpaper has been at the forefront of improving the look of your home. As an independently owned store we can offer you a level of service you thought no longer existed; we’re proud to deliver the kind of specialized attention and help that you simply won’t find in larger chain stores. Our store professionals are trained specialists whose experience and helpful advice will ensure the success of every project. 

We know how hard it can be to select colours for your paint project. Times are always changing, so too styles and what’s in vogue. As a result, our exclusive colour range is a carefully selected and intensively researched palette of colours that suit the way we live now, with an eye on the future. Here at Heritage Paint and Wallpaper we can assist you in choosing colours that are fresh and lively and suit the newest directions in home wares and furnishings. 

Getting an accurate view of what a colour will look like from a postage-stamp sized swatch on a colour chart can be next to impossible and could prove a costly mistake. That’s why we paint our colours onto A4 boards and are happy to lend them out so that you can make your choice in-situ. Sample pots are also available to purchase to make extra sure that you have chosen the right colour.  


Call us on (03) 9817 2222 to get your project started with the best possible knowledge and advice.